TdR para consultoría - Education in Emergencies Advisor – Moldova

Educo (member of ChildFund Alliance in Spain) is a global humanitarian and development NGO. Our humanitarian mandate is to protect, help and assist the most vulnerable people, especially children, in their right to life and security, with dignity and comprehensive coverage of rights and needs in the face of risk situations and of humanitarian crises.

In Ukraine, since the beginning of the war on February 24, 2022, the humanitarian situation has deteriorated considerably and has become a full-fledged humanitarian crisis. It is estimated that almost 12.8 million people have been displaced in Ukraine. According to the most recent reports it is estimated, 7.7 million people are internally displaced as a result of the conflict (IOM), equivalent to 17.5% of the entire population, and almost 6.7 million people have decided to flee to neighboring countries (UNHCR).

ChildFund Alliance (CFA) is present in the response to the humanitarian crisis resulting from this conflict in Ukraine and Moldova. In Ukraine, CFA has been working in the country since 2004 via ChildFund Germany and since the beginning of the conflict We World (Italian member of CFA) has also established itself in the country and has also opened operations in Moldova. Thus, within the framework of the ChildFund Alliance, interventions in response to the impact of the conflict and support to the Ukrainian population are currently led by We World in Moldova and ChildFund Germany in Ukraine with other CFA members support (such as Educo, ChildFund Korea, ChildFund Australia and ChildFund International/USA) and local partner organizations.

Educo, as a member of the ChildFund Alliance, supports the Ukraine conflict response (Ukraine and Moldova) in communication, advocacy, fundraising and technical support efforts such as Education in Emergencies (EiE). To do so, EiE projects in Moldova and Ukraine are currently under implementation and it is required an expertise on this.

We are looking for a highly motivated, dynamic, qualified and with strong knowledge of and experience in Education in Emergencies for Educo’s Humanitarian response to Ukraine crisis in Moldova and Ukraine.
For this purpose, we are looking for a consultant, specialized in Emergency Education, who can provide support and consultancy to our field teams with missions to Moldova (Chisinau and Criuleni) and occasional trips to Ukraine (Reni and Izamil districts).

Objectives, roles and responsibilities of the consultancy
Accompany and facilitate the work in Education in Emergencies (EiE) of Educo and We World (as members of ChildFund Alliance) in Moldova and Ukraine. Educo has recently gained a grant from AECID to be implemented with We World and two local organizations in Moldova (Chisinau and Crieuleni) and Ukraine. The AECID project is focused on EiE.

The present consultancy aims to provide thematic and strategic support in EiE under the AECID project.

Key tasks of the EiE Advisor (details may change depending on the evolution of the context and needs):

Support in EiE strategic programme implementation:

- Provide strategic EiE advice for effective implementation of EiE activities under AECID project. EiE advice under other ChildFund Alliance projects can also be considered.
- Design, adjust or review simple EiE Monitoring and Evaluation tools.
- Design appropriate EiE training modules and tools to support AECID project implementation and staff involved in the project.
- Provide effective support to identify and develop context-related formal and non-formal learning activities, such as a socio-emotional learning (SEL) curriculum, among others.
Staff training and orientation on Education in Emergencies
- Provide EiE trainings and/or orientation, with particular attention to the relevant actors involved in AECID project, including WeWorld staff, local partners and local authorities
- Develop training modules on EiE providing a general framework and relevant practical tools to support project implementation.

Support for institutional representation and engagement on EiE:

- Provide basic induction on EiE to the new coming staff.
- When needed, participate in the Education working group and other relevant Education- related meetings.
- When needed, assist We World to establish/maintain relationships with Education actors (including Education authorities)

Advise for EiE consolidation work

- Provide recommendations for consolidating the EiE work, particularly under AECID project.
- Elaborate and propose a plan with concrete actions based on specific missions to support Educo and WW in its work in EiE, particularly under AECID project.

Expected deliverables

- Training and/or orientation sessions for staff and relevant actors involved in AECID project are carried out. - Simple EiE Monitoring and Evaluation tools and resources, especially for AECID project are developed - Training modules providing a general framework and practical tools on EiE are developed, and context-related formal and non-formal educational activities are properly identified.
- Basic induction material (ppt) on EiE.
- A plan with concrete actions based on specific missions to support and consolidate WW in its work in EiE, particularly under AECID project is designed. - End of assignment report (template to be provided) with recommendations for consolidation of the EiE work under AECID project, and strategically in ChildFund Alliance Moldova operations is submitted and shared within a month since the end of the mission.

Duration, budget and method of payment of the consulting services

The consultancy will start with the signing of the contract and will end with the validation by EDUCO of the objectives and expected outputs. The consultancy is estimated to take 12 months and during this time 3 field missions will be carried out (Moldova and Ukraine).

The total estimated budget for this consultancy (VAT included) is 24.000,00 Euros. This amount includes all expenses inherent to the realization of the consultancy: fees, travel to and within Moldova and Ukraine, per diem and fees, travel insurance, etc. In case the consultant does not have HEAT training, it should be included in the consultancy budget. The presentation of the HEAT training certificate will be a mandatory requirement to be presented at the moment to sign the contract.

The total amount of the consultancy will be paid in four instalments, upon completion, presentation and approval of the requested objectives and deliverables, subject to the approval of Educo headquarters:

- Payment 1 (15% of the consultancy)
o Technical proposal including detailed work plan and estimated dates for the organization of the three missions, validated by Educo and WeWorld.
o Plan for the first mission: work plan, agenda, definition and preparation of deliverables and products for the mission, validated by Educo and WeWorld.
- Payment 2 (25% of the consultancy):
o Report of the first mission validated by Educo and WeWorld.
o Plan for the second mission: work plan, definition and preparation of deliverables and products for the mission, validated by Educo and WeWorld.
- Payment 3 (30% of the consultancy):
o Report of the second mission by Educo and WeWorld.
o Plan for the third mission: work plan, agenda definition and preparation of deliverables and products for the mission, validated by Educo and WeWorld.
- Payment 4 (30% of the consultancy):
o Report of the third mission validated by Educo and WeWorld.

• University Degree or equivalent in education or related fields. • Minimum 3 years experience working in EiE in humanitarian contexts
• Knowledge on INEE norms
• Experience of conducting education needs assessments and response plans. • Experience providing technical support and oversight to EiE programs. • Experience in program design, proposal development and report submission for public and public and private donors • Excellent negotiation and representation skills and the ability to work comfortably with an ethnically diverse staff in a very sensitive environment.
• Strong capacity building (mentoring, coaching) skills
• Flexibility and adaptation in changing contexts • Fluency in English. Desirable Romanian and Russian. • Hostile Environment Awareness Training (HEAT)


• Knowledge about CPiE.
• Experience in developing partnerships and working with local partners

Descarga la información completa (PDF)

Before applying, please make sure that you have read the requirements for the different profiles and that you qualify.

If you are interested in the consultancy, send your CV and proposal (including missions duration) to this email adress: with the corresponding reference: EDUCATION IN EMERGENCIES ADVISOR (Reference: EiE advisor_MOLDOVA)

Educo will collect applications on a rolling basis, and we will contact you in case of identified assignments if you profile fits. Please, note that not all the applicants will be contacted. Thank you very much for your understanding.


Educo has a Code of Conducts and Safeguarding Policies as: Protection against Sexual Exploitation, Abuse and Harassment Policy (PSEAH) and Child Protection Policy. As such, Educo is committed to doing everything that is necessary to guarantee organizational protection and to conducting background checks and obtaining references for all candidates.

We are an equal opportunity employer. We encourage all qualified applicants, regardless of race, color, sex, language, religion, political or other opinions, national, ethnic or social origin, property, disability, birth or other status to apply for this pool of experts.

We hereby inform you that the information that you provide will be recorded in a file created for the purpose of storing information related to the current selection/evaluation process.

Educo will provide this information internally to those people who have requested that the organization undertake a selection/valuation process. To exercise your rights to access, cancellation and rectification of information, you may contact us in our Head Office, which is located at C/ Guillem Tell, 47 Barcelona.


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