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General Conditions for Online Purchases

General terms and conditions


1.1. Scope

These General Conditions for Online Purchases, access and use aim to regulate the relationship between the owner of this website, FUNDACIÓN EDUCACIÓN Y COOPERACIÓN (hereafter, EDUCO) and its Users or Clients, in relation to all the transactions carried out using this platform www.educo.org (hereafter, “the Website” or “platform”).

As explained in the Terms of Use, this platform and the associated domains belong to the owner, who is up to date with all tax and fiscal obligations.

If you wish to get in touch our team, here are all the contact details:


  • CIF: G60541554
  • Address: C/ Guillem Tell, núm. 47, 08006, Barcelona
  • Contact email address: :educo@educo.org
  • Telephone number: 900 535 238
  • Registry Information: :Catalan Government Foundations Register number 790, as per resolution on May 25th, 1994.

The aim of this Website and blog is to inform the user of the work Educo, a global development NGO which defends children and children’s rights, and in particular their right to equitable quality education through the work of its members in various countries like Spain, some countries in Africa, America and Asia, through social projects that promote fair and equitable societies that guarantee their rights and wellbeing.

Therefore EDUCO, in order to carry out its activity and fulfil its aims, allows and/or promotes certain financial transactions, which appear as actions on its website and which are subject to these General Conditions for Online Purchases.

We inform you that the contracting of our services online, offered on this platform, is also subject to what is explained in the other applicable legal policies like the Term of Useand the Cookies Policy . Therefore, if there is a conflict between the former and these general conditions, the latter shall always prevail. You should also take into consideration the specific General Conditions for Online Purchases, which will be explained at the appropriate time, where applicable.

1.2. Purpose of these conditions

The main purpose of these General Conditions for Online Purchases is to, on the one hand, facilitate donations made by the User, and on the other, the purchase on behalf of the User of the products which may be offered as part of the activity carried out by Educo.

1.3. Essential terms for a better comprehension of these conditions

  • a) Donor: the person that makes a donation to the Educo aims or projects, in other words, the person who collaborates with us by donating a one-off or regular financial contribution
  • b) Educo:the owner of the website and the organisation that presents and/or promotes the different actions and campaigns via this website or other channels. In some cases, it will also be a Seller, that is, when a specific product is commercialised in order to use its profits for the purposes of the Foundation.
  • c) Company or brand: an organisation which collaborates with Educo
  • d) Platform: the website associated to these conditions and through which the contact between the Buyer or Donor and Educo takes place to carry out the requested transaction, and through which information of interest is presented to the User of the website.
  • e) Transaction: the operation carried out between the Donor or in some cases the Buyer and Educo through the platform, on which Educo offers something and the user makes a donation or acquires a product.
  • f) User buyer: the individual or legal entity that registers on the website and decides to buy one of the products offered by Educo using the tools provided on the platform to carry out the transaction.
  • g) Visitor: person who simply browses the Website or platform.

1.4. User types and contracting of services

The contracting of our services can be carried out by any individual or legal entity who wishes to or needs to, as long as they have legal capacity and in the case of individuals they must be over the age of majority

They may operate as Donor or Buying User and, in all cases, when applicable, their movements will be governed by the provisions of this text and the regulations relating to the defence and protection of consumers or users.


2.1. Reading and acceptance of the general conditions

2.1.1. General aspects applicable to all Users

We would like to inform you that in order to continue using out platform or website it is necessary to be over the age of majority and have registered beforehand, where required, by following the instructions included, which can be accessed in the “Private Area” and “Register” options.

2.1.2. Registration of the User buyer

If you want to register on the platform as a User buyer, it will be necessary for you to indicate your full name, email address, National ID number and telephone number.

2.1.3. Donor

In order to carry out a donation in any of the categories offered by Educo, either as a one-off donation or a regular one, there is no need to register beforehand on the platform, you just need to indicate your contact and payment details when you make the donation, and accept the privacy policy and these conditions.

2.1.4. Visitor

As a Visitor, if you would like to subscribe to our newsletter you can do so by providing us with your email address and accepting our privacy policy.

2.2. Acceptance of the transaction and these conditions

2.2.1. Acceptance by the User buyer

In accordance with the provisions of Article 23 of Spanish Law 34/2002, of 11 July, on Information Society Services and Electronic Commerce, as a Buyer User, confirmation of the contracting of the services will be made through the activation of the button "I accept the conditions of the service" or of the purchase that will appear before the confirming the transaction through our platform.

Once all the compulsory fields required by the platform have been filled in, the online registration procedure, and once the confirmation link has been validated, you will be confirmed as a User buyer who enters into a contract with Educo.

2.2.2. Acceptance by the Donor

In this case, the Donor must accept these General Conditions for Online Purchases during the donation process, therefore entering into a contract with Educo.

These General Conditions for Online Purchases will be available at all times through the website www.educo.org in the General Conditions for Online Purchases section.

This will allow you to access and use the website under the contracted conditions, if applicable.

2.3. Responsibilities of the User at this time

(1) The User guarantees the accuracy of the information provided, expressly exempting Educo of the consequences and harm that providing inaccurate information could cause to third parties.

(2) The owner of this platform has no obligation, nor does it have the technical means to verify the identity of users who register on it. Therefore, in no case will the owner be liable in the event of a case of usurpation of the User's identity.

(3) With this in mind, Educo reserves the right to reject any request for registration whose content does not fit the purposes of this platform, and it is therefore the User’s responsibility to ensure that the transaction he or she intends to carry out is in accordance with the purpose of this platform, as well as that it does not infringe any of the registration rules required.

(4) The password used by the User to access our platform is totally personal and non-transferable, is assigned solely and expressly by the User, and the User is responsible to E and third parties for its correct use and for not transmitting or disclosing it to third parties who are not themselves or have not been expressly authorised by the User to contract on his or her behalf.

(5) In the case of loss or theft of the password, non-authorised use of the website or its codes, as well as any other security violation the User knows about: he or she must notify Educo about the incident immediately. In this case, the User has the right to receive another password for accessing the website./p>

2.4. Acceptance of these conditions

Accepting these conditions means:

(1) You can operate within the platform as a User buyer or Donor and carry out the transactions desired, following the rules established in these conditions and, where applicable, on the platform.

(2) It is your sole responsibility to comply with and respect these conditions. Additionally, we inform you that, for legal reasons, we have your confirmation when you contract our services by validating or selecting them when you register and/or contract something, so we are certain that you have accepted our conditions.

2.5. Requirement for purchasing: age of majority

We would like to warn you that, in order to be a User buyer or Donor on our website, and use our services, you must be over the age of majority as described in section 2.1. of these conditions.

In Spain the age of majority is 18 years of age, therefore any service contracted on this website must be contracted by someone over 18 years old.

If you detect that someone underage has contracted any of our services and made any purchases, please let us know as soon as possible including all possible information at educo@educo.org


The following services, products and projects have specific conditions, so the User buyer or Donor must consult them in order to find out the details of each.

3.1. School lunchroom grants

This donation contributes to providing one meal a day for a child at risk from poverty during the whole school year.

3.2. Holiday meal grants

This donation contributes to providing one meal a day for a child at risk from poverty during the school holidays.

3.3. Sponsorship

Via the sponsorship option, the User can guarantee an education for the sponsored child, the delivery of projects which benefit them and their family and the people in their neighbourhood and community.

3.4. SHE grants

The SHE grants program contributes to guaranteeing secondary school education opportunities for girls from disadvantaged communities.

3.5. Gift Catalogue

Via the wide range of gifts in this catalogue, Educo offers the User the opportunity to select gifts from the catalogue which will be sent to somewhere they are needed.

3.6. EducoBox

EducoBox works like a gift box of experiences. The donor has the option of giving it to someone. Whoever the give it to will find a catalogue of charity gifts to choose from inside; by going to the website and using the unique code included in the box they will be able to choose the charity gift of their choice which will be given to the children that need it the most.

3.7. Protection Kit

This kit contains material both for parents and children, created by experts, with recommendations for prevention in their daily lives; the User can buy these kits by purchasing them on the website.

3.8. Become a member

The User can donate the desired regular amount as a way of collaborating with the projects that Educo carries out in Africa, Latin America, Asia and Spain, improving the lives of children all over the world.

3.9. Weddings and charity events

Via fundraising actions at weddings or charity events, the User can contribute to Educo’s projects.

3.10. Make a donation

Any interested User also has the option of making a one-off donation in any of the methods provided.

4. PRICES OF THE CONTRACTED SERVICES (only applicable to purchases)

4.1. Prices and commission

The details of the price that is applied to the transactions that are carried out through our platform are determined in the specific General Conditions for Online Purchases, purchase summary, or in the details of the contracting of the services that may be viewed after acceptance and formalisation of the purchase, where the User can see the details of the prices that will be applicable.

4.2. Applicable taxes and additional costs

As indicated in the previous section, Educo will apply the VAT to the services and amounts established in accordance at all times with the law and the relevant deductions, where applicable.


5.1. Conditions applicable to the promotion services described in the previous section

5.1.1. Right to modify prices (applicable to User buyer)

Educo reserves the right to modify the price of its products or services, in accordance with market or regulatory criteria. This variation in the price will not affect the services that have been previously contracted by the User, only those which are acquired anew, if applicable.

If there is a price of a recurrent service that is renewed periodically that needs to be increased, Educo reserves the right to modify the price, notifying the User sufficiently in advance and allowing the renewal or cancellation, as applicable.

If in a period of TEN (10) days from receiving the notification the User buyer has not notified acceptance or disagreement, it will be understood that the new conditions have been accepted.

If the User buyer does not agree, he or she can also unsubscribe subsequently, as explained in section 6.3. of these conditions.

5.2. Conditions applicable to the platform

5.2.1. Special features and important clarifications

(1) Final transaction price

The final transaction price will be indicated in the transaction form before the User buyer or Donor carries out the payment process.

(2) Shipping costs and delivery conditions of the purchase.

The shipping costs of the product will depend on the product type (weight and measurements) and the place of origin and destination.

As a general rule, Educo will indicate a single or unit shipping price or cost alongside the information about the product or project which will apply to all shipments it makes.

Products purchased on the website will be sent via a courier company and will be delivered to the address provided by the User. Educo will not be responsible for a purchase not arriving due to the information provided by the User being false, incorrect or when a delivery cannot be made because of reasons unrelated to the courier company, for example if the recipient is absent.

Delivery of the products purchased will be made within 2 to 4 days from the date of purchase.

The User will be able to consult the status of their order at any time either by calling 900 535 238 or via email using the link provided.

(3) Territory the service is offered in.

Educo operates in mainland Spain, including Ceuta, Melilla, the Canary Islands and the Balearic Islands, so we recommend that the User buyer takes into account the possibility of an increase in the product purchased as a result of customs and taxes on non-mainland territories

The shipping costs which appear on the website are valid for mainland shipping. For the Canary Islands, Ceuta and Melilla, please get in touch.

However, the delivery of digital files that include no physical product will be carried out as a download from the website and no delivery address is needed. These deliveries will be considered complete once the download has been made from the website..


6.1. 6.1. What steps should the User take in order to register on the Educo platform?

6.1.1. User buyer

(1) Once you access our platform, at the top right you will see the section "Private area" and then "Registration"; fill in the form with the data required, read the terms and click on the relevant box to confirm that you have read, understood and accepted these Conditions and finally select "Create account".

(2) You will be sent an email from Educo to the address you have provided in which you will be asked to validate the registration by clicking on the link provided.

(3) You will then be able to access our platform and start to use it. Once again, we will send you a second email to confirm that you have registered with the platform.

(4) Also, a User buyer that has already registered will also be able to access via “Private area” and “Login” in his or her account on the website.

6.1.2. Donor

A Donor can operate and visit our platform in the following way, either because he or she has arrived at our website looking for a project or product to donate to, or has found the page of the project or product directly, or just wants to make a donation via one of the methods available (one-off, monthly, quarterly, etc).

In these cases, if desired, the donor can select the amount to donate, enter their contact details and bank details in the method chosen and carry out the donation.

6.3. Termination

You can terminate your registration with the platform at any time, except in cases where there is a pending payment or a sale in process; in this case. You can contact us via the email educo@educo.org so that we can carry out the termination and/or check the status.

If the termination cannot be carried out immediately, we will inform you, and tell you what steps must be taken or what procedure must be taken into account.


7.1. Possible payment methods for our donations, products and services

The payment of the donation, product or service can be carried out via credit card (Visa, MasterCard and American Express, the amount will be charged to the card at the time of purchase), PayPal account or direct debit.

EDUCO is committed to using certified encryption technology in order to protect the information of the USER from unauthorized access from third parties. The order and credit card details are transmitted in encrypted form, using SSL (Secure Socket Layer) and 3D Secure procedures. All personal information is treated as confidential.


As well as what is indicated in the General Conditions for Online Purchases, there may also be specific conditions which could vary depending on the type of transaction carried out on our platform.

The specific conditions which could exist will be notified during the contacting of the services and before accepting them, so that you can see the specific conditions which regulate these aspects.


9.1. Educo Obligations

(1) Educo must indicate the conditions so that the users can carry out a donation or purchase based on the different projects and products available and using any of the payment methods on the platform.

(2) Educo must indicate the conditions of sale of the products when introducing them onto the platform. It is committed to specifying the payment methods it accepts, delivery times and costs, as well as the exact characteristics of the products it sells: measurements, weight, colour, delivery conditions, refunds, withdrawal, where applicable.

(3) Educo must respect the legal and commercial guarantees and the right to withdrawal recognised; in particular, the two-year period for the legal guarantee of the products and CATORCE (14) calendar days to exercise the right of withdrawal on the part of the buyer User, Educo being directly responsible in situations that could arise from exercising this right.

(4) On requesting the products and the subsequent acceptance on behalf of Educo, it accepts, in relation to the customer, all obligations arising from a contract of sale and donation, if applicable.

(5) Educo must enable the User buyer and/or Donor to exercise the right to access, modification, cancellation, objection, portability and to be forgotten in the processing of personal data, and Educo must respond to both Users regarding any personal data that could be processed and the adoption of the relevant security measures in compliance with the provisions of the data protection regulations in force at any given time.

(6) It is the duty and responsibility of Educo to be up to date with tax and fiscal obligations.

9.2. User buyer or Donor obligations

(1) The User buyer or Donor agrees to pay Educo the agreed amount for the product or the donation agreed to, within the set time limit and with due diligence and contractual good faith.

(2) The User buyer or Donor agrees to not infringe any of the conditions applicable to them by virtue of the provisions of these terms or the rest of the legal notices applicable to this platform.

(3) The User buyers can consult the status of their order or transaction.

(4) In order to access the service, the user will need a computer, with the programs and settings necessary for the adequate operating of the website with connection to the internet. The cost of the internet connection is the sole responsibility of the User.

(5) Both Users agree to respect all the provisions of this text and, especially, the provisions of section 13 relating to our Code of Conduct for Users of our website.


(1) Educo is entitled to modify at any time and without prior notice the image of this platform (design, image, presentation and configuration or operation), as well as its contents and the functions included in it, and can eliminate, modify, add new ones or subject some aspects to specific conditions, without this implying alteration of the agreements or the relationship between Educo and the User.

(2) In order to ensure the efficiency of the website, Educo may reject or restrict access to Users who do not respect these conditions, without the need for prior notification.

(3) Notwithstanding these conditions, Educo will be able to establish certain specific conditions which must be met in order to access and use some of the services offered by the website.

(4) As well as these conditions, in order to access and use the website the other legal texts indicated in these conditions must also be respected.

(5) Educo reserves the right to modify or interrupt, totally or partially, access to the system temporarily when the maintenance service, updating or repair of the system or the Internet server requires it. Where possible, we will notify our Users of these situations sufficiently in advance.


As User buyer or Donor, hereafter the User, is under an obligation to make lawful use of our services, without contravening current legislation or harming the rights and interests of third parties.

Similarly, the User guarantees the veracity and accuracy of the information provided when filling in the contracting forms, in order to avoid damage to Educo or other Users because of incorrect data.

On contracting our services, the User will always be over the age of majority, an indispensable requirement for contracting any of our services.

The User will also be responsible for respecting the conditions and the form or execution of the service detailed in the particular conditions applicable, if any, as well as in our community rules or code of conduct of users of the website.

Not complying with any of these Conditions could lead to the removal or cancellation of Educo services, without the need for prior notice and without entitlement to any form of compensation.


Educo does not control the veracity, accuracy and updating of each piece of data published by the Users and, therefore, in no case will it be responsible for non-exact, truthful, outdated information or any other information derived from an error from the source from which that information was extracted.

• Errors or confusion related to names, data or information deriving from errors on websites or original sources they were taken from or that the Users have consulted and then used Educo to carry out the appropriate transaction.

• Incorrect use or abuse on behalf of a User of the information obtained from our services, like misinterpretations, incorrect interpretations or incorrect use of the of information taken from another platform.

• Damage or harm produced as a consequence of the use of the information extracted from our services or third-party platforms.

13.2. Code of Conduct for Users of our website

13.2.1. Common General Obligations

(1) Users declare under their sole responsibility that they will act in compliance with the applicable regulations, in a responsible, respectful, diligent manner and in good faith.

(2) Educo guarantees that the products it sells and could be subject to agreements with other Users are not illegal, immoral, forbidden, and do not violate or infringe the rights of third parties.

(3) In the event that the User has access to confidential information, he/she undertakes to use it exclusively for the purposes for which it was disclosed, always respecting said confidentiality.

(4) In the event that Users detect any anomaly or malfunction of the platform or services offered by Educo, the User can notify Educo via the following email address: educo@educo.org

(5) With regards to the use or publication, as the case may be, of contents by Users, Users agree to respect the following rules or regulations:

  • • Respect the rights of the owner of the platform and the rights of third parties related to intellectual and industrial property described in the Terms of Use.
  • • To have the relevant authorisation when publishing images or content of third parties or minors.
  • • To be liable for damages caused to third parties by the infringement of industrial and intellectual property rights and to hold Educo harmless at all times.
  • • Comply with all the rules and procedures established in this document and in the Terms of Use.
  • • Respect the rights of third parties and other Users registered on the Educo platform.

(6) In the event that Users themselves can make comments on the platform, they must respect not only the intellectual property rights and image of third parties or the platform, but make their comments or contributions ensuring the right to respect for others.


13.1. Users who can use the platform

All Users of the website should be people with legal capacity and over the age of majority.

The correct behaviour of the Users is essential for the optimal running of the website. Below is the code of conduct which users must have in order to accept and use the website, indicating expressly that compliance with the code below is an essential condition for using the website.

13.2.2. Conduct forbidden for all Users

The User is expressly forbidden to engage in the following conduct:

(1) Users cannot register and use the website without having the capacity to do so.

(2) Users cannot create false identities, act in the name of third parties without the sufficient power or legitimacy to do so and/or impersonate the identity of others, or illegally use information. In this sense, in no case may the services of the platform be used to access or attempt to access the accounts of other Users; to penetrate, or attempt to penetrate, the security measures of E, the software or hardware of another entity, the electronic communications system, or the telecommunications system.

(3) Entering false information is not permitted, all data entered must be accurate and true.

(4) The User must not misrepresent the truth, falsify documents, signatures, or infringe applicable laws, regulations or standards. In particular, the platform cannot be used for purposes related to child pornography, child abuse or maltreatment, affecting children, their families or third parties.

(5) User must not infringe the rules and processes predetermined for the access and use of the website or employ methods which could cause damage to it or to those belonging to third parties.

(6) Users must not use the website for purposes other than those intended.

(7) Contacting other Users of the website is not permitted, as is using the data provided by them for purposes other than those established in these Conditions and in the particulars that may regulate access to services offered through the website.

(8) Chain letters and/or unsolicited advertisements may not be sent unless there is express consent of the recipient.

(9) The transmission of information via the website is not allowed, nor is the commercialisation of material, products or services of any type or nature that is illegal, injurious, defamatory, harmful, vulgar, obscene or in any other censurable way. Accordingly, no disrespectful language, content or graphics may be used that affect the rights of our other Clients and/or Users and/or third parties.

(10) The transmission of any material that harasses another user and/or third parties is forbidden.

(11) The transmission of any type of material (by email, or in forums or comments) that threatens, encourages harm or the corporal destruction of a property or person.

(12) The Educo platform cannot be used for any content that could be considered adult-rated or pornographic, like explicitly sexual scenes, full nudity, etc.

(13) The insertion of commercial messages or advertisements is not permitted without complying with legal requirements and/or that which is considered spam and/or engaging in spamming behaviour (sending spam or unsolicited messages).

(14) It is forbidden to use material which violates and/or affects the intellectual and industrial property rights of our Clients and/or third parties (brands, commercial name, slogan, photographs, contents…). Above all, the User must avoid publishing any material that belongs to third parties and is registered as intellectual and/or industrial property, without having the proper authorisation from its owner or having ensured that when using it, the User has the corresponding licence to do so.

(15) Our platform must not be used to collect, or try to collect, personal information about third parties without their knowledge or consent and without complying without complying with the European Data Protection Regulation 679/2016 of 27 April.

(16) In no case may activities be performed through or from our platform that affect the capacity of people or systems, including denial of service (DOS) attacks against another main network computer or individual User.

(17) It is forbidden to engage in deceptive activities with the aim of getting the recipient to act on or from them, causing them harm.

(18) It is forbidden to carry out any action with illicit purposes and/or which are harmful or infringe the rights of third parties and/or Educo (including: right to honour, honour, integrity of the person, good name, among others) and/or constitutes a criminal offence or infraction.

(19) In addition, the platform cannot be used for the propagation of hate speech and/or prejudice against minorities, advocating crime and/or violating human rights.

(20) Once an order has been placed, the rights of withdrawal or refund will apply according to the specific conditions that have been established.

13.3. Conduct by Educo

13.3.1. Educo Obligations

Educo agrees to process Users' data in accordance with the rules of confidentiality and privacy established in these Conditions and in accordance with the applicable regulations, in particular, the provisions of the European Data Protection Regulation 679/2016, of 27 April, the Organic Law 3/2018, of 5 December, on the Protection of Personal Data and the guarantee of digital rights, as well as Spanish Law 34/2002, of 11 July, on Information Society Services and Electronic Commerce.

Educo agrees to assist users in any requests, questions or complaints they have, following the procedures for contact or submission of requests or complaints established in our legal policies.

(3) Educo works to ensure that the website and the services offered via the platform operate correctly and securely.

13.3.2. Educo Obligations

(1) Educo, at its own discretion, may terminate access to the website, immediately, and without prior notice, to a User who does not behave according to these Terms of Contract and Use.

(3) Educo validates comments before making them public, reserving the right to not publish any comment with inadequate content or content which is forbidden in these General Conditions for Online Purchases. In order to comment it is necessary to be registered on the platform.


14.1. Delivery conditions for the product for the User buyer

The delivery conditions for the products acquired by the User buyer are those indicated in these conditions (section

5.2.); in the registered user area you can consult the approximate delivery date for your purchases.


15.1. Right to Withdrawal

The User buyer will have a period of fourteen (14) calendar days from the day of receipt in which to return the purchase. This applies to products acquired via the website, not donations.

The product must be returned in its original packaging where possible; and in perfect conditions.

In these cases, EDUCO must reimburse the User for the full amount paid, within fourteen (14) calendar days from the date in which it receives the request to withdraw the order.

However, the right to withdrawal will not be applicable to digital files with no physical product when the download has begun with specific prior consent from the User.

The above is in accordance with Article 103 of Royal Legislative Decree 1/2007, of 16 November, by which the revised text of the General Law for the Defence of Consumers and Users and other complementary laws is approved.


Where there is a discrepancy between the text of these terms and any translation of these terms and conditions, the Spanish version shall prevail. In the event of any discrepancy between the Spanish version of the general conditions and any translations thereof, the Spanish version shall prevail.


All rights to the content published on our website or blog relating to the products and services we offer through them are protected by copyright and trademark.

Accordingly, the articles, contents, images and logos belong to Educo or people or organisations which have expressly given us permission; or are subject to licenses which allow us to make an appropriate use of them.

In general, the reproduction, transformation, distribution, public communication and provision of the contents of the website and blog is forbidden without written consent from Educo.

Any partial or total reproduction of the content through any procedure and in any format is subject to prior and express authorisation from Educo, with the limitations and qualifications mentioned in our intellectual property policy, included in the Terms of Use on our platform.


The personal data we ask you for is necessary for providing the services we offer on our platform. When you register with our website, you agree to provide valid data, data which allows Educo to provide its services and identify you correctly as a registered User; as well as the sending of information and publicity of different products, services and projects that Educo creates which may be of interest to you.

Educo informs its User buyers and Donors that the personal data they provide will be processed for the following purposes:

  • • Provision and invoicing of products and services acquired
  • • Notification of any promotional agreements Educo has subscribed to with collaborating companies to offer the Users of the Website certain products or services. However, this information will be provided solely by Educo and not by third parties.
  • • Inform about activities and news which we think may be of interest related to the activity of the organisation, like campaigns we are carrying out.
  • • Respond to consultations or requests for information.
  • • Allow access to the options that require registration and/or additional validation, in which case the User will have to respond to the particular conditions that are established in each.

At any time and/or when convenient you can make use of your rights to access, rectification, removal, objection, portability, forgetfulness and limitation in the processing of your data by writing to the email address we have created for this purpose: dataprotection@educo.org or by sending us a letter to C/Guillem Tell, no. 47, CP 08006, Barcelona. In both cases you will need to send a copy of your passport or ID card (of the owner of the data) and expressly indicate in the subject the request you are making access, rectification, removal, objection, portability, forgetfulness or limitation.

Users can consult our Privacy Policy at any time to find out more about the use of their personal data.


Educo reserves the right to modify unilaterally, at any time and without prior warning, the presentation and settings of the Website, as well as the General Conditions for Online Purchases. As a User you will always have these Conditions available in a visible place and are free to access them as many times as you need. Accordingly, we recommend that you read them carefully every time you access our website. In any case, accepting these conditions will be a compulsory step before contracting any service available on the website.


In the event that any conflict or discrepancy arises in the interpretation or application of these conditions or notice, the Courts and Tribunals that, where appropriate, will handle the matter, will be those established by the applicable legal regulations and, if applicable, those of the city of Barcelona, foregoing any other jurisdiction that may correspond to them.


In compliance with the provisions of Regulation 524/203 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 21 May 2013, as from 15 February 2016, Users have at their disposal the possibility of bringing any dispute or out-of-court claim thereof, which they consider generated by virtue of our platform or the services provided online, through the alternative mechanism for consumers and merchants that they will find at the following link: http://ec.europa.eu/consumers/odr/ By means of the same, they will be able to access alternative dispute resolution entities with quality procedures established for this purpose.

This platform, which is multi-lingual and aims to be accessible to all, works in the following way: 1. An online complaint form must be completed and sent from the platform itself; 2. The complaint will reach the owner of the platform who will propose an alternative resolution entity for the specific case; 3. Once the mediation entity has been agreed upon, the mediating entity will receive the request and will deal with the case electronically, proposing a solution within 90 calendar days.


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