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Economic Development

We want children to be able to develop to their full potential, and for this to be possible their families must be economically independent. That is why we work to ensure that families' income is derived from activities and livelihoods that can guarantee children's full development and growth.

We accompany families so they can improve their economy

In order to protect children, it is also necessary to accompany families, so that they can generate enough income to guarantee their children’s proper growth and development.

Problem issues

Poverty prevents many people from accessing the resources necessary to satisfy basic needs such as food, shelter, education or health care. Many families and even entire communities are often forced to survive on very limited resources, usually through small domestic farming activities, and do not have the know-how or opportunities to improve the yield of these activities and generate more income.
Moreover, young people and women constitute the most economically vulnerable groups due to persistent inequalities and a lack of training and opportunities. For this reason, we provide support in the form of vocational and business management training and we introduce them to the culture of savings, so that they can develop their own business and earn a living.


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