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Health and nutrition

Health and nutrition

We want children to enjoy good health through the prevention and treatment of illness, improved nutrition, and support that enables families to increase their income and access sufficient food.

A healthy child is a happy child

Children’s wellbeing is one of our main objectives. It is for this reason that we implement development projects aimed at making children healthier. We also engage in efforts to help families increase their income so that they can enjoy access to a more healthy, balanced diet.

Problem issues

According to the World Health Organization, half of the over five million deaths among the under-five population are due to causes related to undernourishment.
Many children suffer from a lack of food or necessary nutrients, especially in the most vulnerable populations. This problem affects their growth and may cause mental and intellectual impairment or have lasting effects during the rest of their lives.
In Spain, where one in three children are at risk of poverty and social exclusion, thousands of children are not guaranteed their right to a proper diet. More than 260,000 children cannot afford to eat meat, chicken or fish at least every two days.
For all this reasons, it is necessary to implement policies and actions that help these children and their families, and that provide them with greater medical care and health services.


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