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Terms of Use


1.1. Who is behind this website and blog?

This Website www.educo.org, en adelante, hereafter, Website or Platform, and this blog www.educo.org/blog are managed by FUNDACIÓN EDUCACIÓN Y COOPERACIÓN (hereafter, Educo) whose information is as follows:


  • CIF: G60541554
  • Address: C/ Guillem Tell, núm. 47, 08006, Barcelona
  • Contact email address: :educo@educo.org
  • Telephone number: 900 535 238
  • Registry Information: Catalan Government Foundations Register number 790, as per resolution on May 25th, 1994.


FUNDACIÓN EDUCACIÓN Y COOPERACIÓN • CIF: G60541554 • Address: C/ Guillem Tell, no. 47, 08006, Barcelona • Contact email address: educo@educo.org • Telephone number: 900 535 238 • Registry Information: Catalan Government Foundations Register number 790, as per resolution on May 25th, 1994.


1.2. Site descriptions and purpose

The aim of this Website and blog is to inform the user of the work Educo, a global development NGO which defends children and children’s rights, and in particular their right to equitable quality education through the work of its members in various countries like Spain, some countries in Africa, America and Asia, through social projects that promote fair and equitable societies that guarantee their rights and wellbeing.


1.3. What is the aim of this Terms of Use?

This Terms of Use is to inform you of who is behind this platform, as well as the type of information that we collect and what we need it for. Alongside this text, we have other applicable legal texts in place like the < a href="https://www.educo.org/Politica-de-privacidad">Privacy Policy, < a href="https://www.educo.org/Politica-de-Cookies">Cookie Policy and < a href="https://www.educo.org/Condiciones-de-compra">General Conditions for Online Purchases.

1.4. How do I contact the person responsible for this Website?

To contact us you can write to the address mentioned above or, via this email address: educo@educo.org


2.1. How do this website and blog operate?

You can visit our Platforms when you want, freely and completely free of charge, as well as consulting the projects we carry out, the services and products we offer and the articles we publish.

However, in order to be a User, you must be over the age of 18.


2.2. User types for our Website and blog

  • a) Donor or supporter: : person who makes a donation through the relevant section on the Educo platform and becomes a supporter of the organisation.
  • b) Company or brand: : an entity which collaborates with Educo.
  • c) Follower on social media: : the person who follows us on our company social media profiles and who, as a result, accesses our Website or blog.
  • d) Request for information: : person who accesses our Website to request information about the projects we carry out and the services or products we offer through the contact form available or via our company email address.
  • e) User-buyer: : person who accesses out Platform and carries out a purchase of one of the products and/or services offered by Educo.
  • f) Visitor: : person who simply browses the Website or blog.
  • g) Job application candidate: : person who sends us his or her CV via the channels established on our website, or via employment portals on which Educo has specifically published a job offer as well as those candidates that send us their CV or application by email.


2.3. What confidentiality rules do we apply?

When you browse our Website or blog, we can collect your data according to that established in our Privacy Policy and Cookies Policy. If as a User, for any reason, you access information related to our services or confidential aspects of our organisation as a business, this is subject to the strictest confidentiality, unless we expressly indicate that you are free to use this information. In all cases, any User of the Website and blog should respect that which is established in our terms of use.


2.4. What terms of use are applied?

2.4.1. General Aspects

Any person who accesses and browses our Website and blog becomes a User of them, which involves accepting the terms of use of the Website, explained in all of the legal notices and policies, in relation to data protection, intellectual property, security measures and competent jurisdiction, among others.

As a User, on accessing this Website and our blog, you assume any risks that may occur on your behalf and at your own risk. De este modo, debe ser responsable del uso de medios idóneos para evitar riesgos controlables que le atañan.

Also, as a User you must read this Terms of Use carefully every time you use the Website and blog, because it may undergo changes and, therefore, you will be subject to it and must abide by the provisions described in it.

As well as these Terms of Use, you must respect at all times the rules on the Website, as they regulate the rights and duties of the Users in order to provide better protection for them, for our platforms and, as a result, our activity.


2.4.2. User Rights

As a User you have the right to browse our Website and blog, subject at all times to the rules established in the notices applicable.

As a User you have the right to be attended to regarding your doubts, comments or exercise of rights, in accordance with the procedures established in our platform.

You have the right to have your information treated with respect and the highest level of privacy, for which we have established an adequate privacy and data protection policy.


2.4.3. User Restrictions

You may not take advantage of your condition as a User to access information that does not correspond to you about the information or services offered on this Website or about its Users and carry out an unauthorised or unlawful use that may cause any type of damage, either to the owner of this Website or blog, or to a third party or User.

Any kind of link to or from defamatory, pornographic, racist or any other type of website that provides false information or could harm our Website or blog and any of the professionals or collaborators who work with or for the Website.

Under no circumstances can you remove, alter, evade or manipulate any protection device or security system which may be installed on the Website to commit a criminal or fraudulent act, violate the intellectual property rights, privacy, confidentiality of users of the platform or its owner.


2.4.4. Owner rights

The owner of this website has the right to process the User data in accordance with what is established in these notices and the corresponding privacy and cookie policies, using this information to answer queries, and carrying out all the appropriate measures in accordance with the law in order to be able to provide an effective service.


3.1. Type of content on our Website and blog

On our Website and blog, we have the descriptions of the projects we carry out and the services and products we offer, which are provided in line with our intention to demonstrate our proximity, reliability and transparency.


3.1.1. Intellectual property policy

  • Our intellectual property policy is applicable to our entire Website, our blog, and the content and material shown on these platforms.
  • The User expressly recognises, to all effects, that the information, signs, images, designs, logos, animation, videos, texts, and all other elements and contents, including IT services and applications, on the Website are subject to the Educo industrial and intellectual property rights and/or third party owners of them who have duly authorised their inclusion on the Website, and therefore they are not granted any type of right over them, except those that are expressly recognised.

  • The Users that access the Website can see the information contained on it and carry out downloads and reproductions of a private nature on their computer system, as long as the elements reproduced are not subsequently transferred to third parties or installed on a server connected to the Internet or a local network.

  • In line with the provisions in the previous section, the User is not allowed to, for example: distribute, modify, transform, assign, make available to the public or carry out any other activity that has not been expressly authorised, with the elements and contents mentioned previously, including the computer codes of any of the elements from this Web Page or the related blog.

  • The User who sends any kind of content to our platform, ensures he or she has the necessary rights to do so, and Educo is exempt from any responsibility for that content and the legality of the information offered.

  • The facilitation of contents by the User through our Web Page, through the use of the Blog service such as, for example, comments, contribution or publication of photographs, videos, etc., where applicable, will entail the free transfer to E of the rights of exploitation of intellectual and industrial property derived from such contents, to the maximum extent permitted by applicable legislation. Therefore, Educo will be able to use this content without the User being able to claim any right or financial compensation for it.

  • The User recognises Educo’s right to modify the content introduced in order to make it adequate and compatible with the technical and aesthetic characteristics of the platform.

  • The User will be directly responsible for the consequences, harm and damages derived by Educo and/or third parties as a result of any breach of any obligation contained in this cause.


3.1.2. Limits for the User in relation to the access and use of our content

Access to intellectual property content by the User does not transfer any rights over it. The use of this information and content can only be private (used in a private capacity); any use or reproduction carried out by Users or any others that may be included in the future, must be carried out according to the estimates and legal policies established here, respecting all applicable legal limitations.

Specifically, the following is not permitted:

  • Reproduction, transformation, distribution, public communication, making it available to the public or any other exploitation of the contents of the Website and blog, without written consent from the respective owner.

  • Links to this Website and/or blog cannot be made without the consent of the owner and, where applicable, only links to the main page will be allowed.

  • Links to end pages, framing or any other similar manipulation without express consent from Educo except that which complies with section 3.1.4 of this Terms of Use.

To request any kind of permission to use or publish any of the content on the Website or our blog, contact us using one of the channels indicated in section 1.4. of this Notice.

3.1.3. Authorisation and permission

As a User you can see the elements on the Website and the blog and even print them, copy them and store them on the hard drive of your computer or any other physical device, provided that it is solely and exclusively for personal and private use, and making their use for any purpose forbidden, including commercial and distribution uses and modification, alteration or decompiling.

However, as an exception to what is indicated previously in section 2, we allow you as a User to mention articles published on the Website or on the blog via social media, using the actions “tweet, retweet, share, blog” or similar, as long as our ownership is respected or mention is made of the people indicated in the articles or content.

3.1.4. Links between websites

(1) Those people or entities which propose establishing a hyperlink between their website and this one (hereafter, the hyperlink), must comply with the following conditions:

  • The hyperlink will only allow access to the homepage of the website but cannot be reproduced in any way.
  • Frames of the platform pages will not be created.

  • No false, inaccurate or incorrect statements or indications shall be made about Educo, its directors, its employees and the services or products supplied through the platform.

  • It shall not be stated or given to understand that Educo has authorised the hyperlink or supervised or assumed in any way the services offered or presented on the website the hyperlink is established on.

  • Apart from those symbols that make up the hyperlink itself, the website that establishes the hyperlink will not contain the brand, commercial name, sign, name, logo, slogan or any other distinctive signs belonging to Educo.

  • The website on which the hyperlink is established will not contain illicit information or content, contrary to morality or generally accepted good conduct and public order, as well as content that breach the rights of any third party.

  • The establishment of hyperlinks does not imply, in any case, the existence of a relationship between Educo and the owner of the website it is established on, or the acceptance or approval on behalf of Educo of its content or services

(2) Educo provides Users with links in order to facilitate access to information, services and other content available on the internet. The links provided on the Website can take the User to other sites and pages managed by third parties, over which Educo does not exercise any kind of control.

Educo does not undertake any duty to monitor or verify the information or content of the other sites and pages which Users may access via existing hyperlinks on its Website. Educo assumes, exclusively, the duty to delete from its website and blog, as soon as possible, information, content or services that do not correspond to reality, violate any applicable law or may mislead or cause harm to the User.

3.2. Regarding the software associated with this Website and blog and its design

The owner of this Website and blog has the permits and licences for using the Website, as well as the rights related to its design. Any use of the programming code, software or design on behalf of Users, is not permitted, and those Users will be responsible for any fraudulent use or damage to the rights of the owner of the Website or third parties.

Under no circumstances may you extract, manipulate, copy, compile or decompile any element that makes up the Web Page and blog for any other purpose or that is outside the object of what is offered there, and legal action may be taken if any action is detected.

3.3. In relation to our brand and corporate identity

As a User you will not be able to use our brand, domain, slogan or any element which makes up our corporate identity without asking for express permission to do so.

3.4. Additional rules

That which is not stated in our notices will be subject to compliance with the applicable intellectual and industrial property regulations.


4.1. Responsibility for access to the Website and blog

Access to our Website and blog will be exclusively the responsibility of the User, both regarding how they access it and the information they provide, as well as the security while they are browsing.

The owners of the Website are committed to carrying out their best efforts, where it is reasonably possible, to avoid errors in the content published on the Website and offer a constant and permanent service.

We cannot be held responsible for temporary suspensions, breakdowns or technical failures affecting the platform or blog, provoked by causes external to our organisation, viruses or computer insecurity caused by third parties, or illegal or disrespectful actions on behalf of the Users.

Educo does not guarantee the availability, continuity or infallibility of the Website and in consequence excludes, to the fullest extent permitted by law, any responsibility for damages of any nature which could result from a lack of availability or continuity of the functioning of the Website and the services provided on it, as well as any errors accessing different websites.

Educo declines any responsibility for computer or any other kind of damage to Users arising from accessing the contents of the Website. Equally Educo does not guarantee the absence of viruses or other harmful elements that could cause damage or alterations to computer systems, electronic documents, or files belonging to Users or third parties.

4.2. Published content

Educo will also not be held responsible for the content and/or updating of the links published on our Website or blog, or the information that it indexes and that is related to other websites or other companies that are linked to the content search criteria.

We will revise and update the information published on our Website, but we cannot guarantee that all of it is totally correct because there may be typographical errors, inaccurate or incomplete information for justifiable reasons.

Notwithstanding the limitations established in the legislation in force, Educo will not be held responsible for damages of any nature that could result from information that is inaccurate, not exhaustive or out-of-date, as well as errors or omissions in the information contained on the platform or other content that may be accessed through it.

4.3. Responsibility in relation to service failures

In general, neither the platform nor its owners are liable for technical errors on the platform and/or no internet service provision: (i) as a result of actions or errors by third parties and/or (ii) for their own reasons when the incident is resolved and/or they act diligently.

4.4 Other responsibilities and duties

If Educo were to be declared not responsible for any damage or injury caused by the foregoing in a judicial or extrajudicial procedure, by a Court, Tribunal or competent administrative Public Body, and the User is declared responsible, the User may be liable for all the amounts Educo has had to pay, including consequential damage and lost profits, and any costs or encumbrances, including taxes, fees, lawyers, solicitors, experts, arbitrations, travel, stays, and any other.

Educo reserves the right to communicate the confidential information that Users provide when it is required by law, regulation, rule, order and/or any other legal, judicial or governmental request.

Educo will not be responsible for the information the User provides to third party pages that allege or show an apparent relationship with Educo when no contractual relationship exists. That is, if the User provides their information to a job-searching website not contracted by Educo, the organisation will not be responsible for the use of that information.


Educo will keep the platform operative throughout the year, 24 hours a day, as long as the technical side allows it to.

However, it reserves the right to modify or interrupt, totally or partially, access to the system temporarily when the maintenance service, updating or repair of the system or the Internet server requires it, without the need to have notified the User.

If the User detects any anomaly, interference from third parties, system errors or malfunction of the Website or the blog, they should inform Educo so that it can be resolved.


We reserve the right to modify this notice in order to adapt it to legislative or legal developments that emerge or are published, as well as carry out the necessary modifications in accordance with industry or commercial practices.

When a substantial or relevant change is produced in it, we will inform of this through this Website, and with reasonable notice, about the changes that are going to take place in our policies, indicating when these are going to take full effect.


All of the legal texts and policies associated with this platform are governed, in all aspects, by Spanish legislation, among them: Spanish Law 34/2002, of Services to Information Society and Electronic Commerce, the European Regulation in Data Protection 679/2016, Spanish Organic Law 3/2018 5th December on Data Protection and guaranteeing digital rights, and any legal requirements deriving from their application.


This legal policy only affects the information published and the data processing carried out in relation to our Platform. Under no circumstances do the conditions set out herein necessarily relate to the policies of the company regarding the provision of services themselves, or the way in which the website owner provides these services.


If any conflict or discrepancy arises in the interpretation or application of these conditions or notice, the Courts and Tribunals that, where appropriate, will handle the matter, will be those provided by the applicable legal regulations on matters of competent jurisdiction. In any case, if you are an end consumer, the competent courts will be those corresponding to your place of residence. In the case of legal entities, the parties will be subject to the courts in Barcelona.


El presente aviso legal se complementa con el resto de las políticas legales establecidas en nuestra Página Web y blog, ya comentadas a lo largo de este aviso, como la política de privacidad, la política de cookies y las condiciones de contratación, además de cualquier otra que sea necesario añadir o complementar, siguiendo lo dispuesto en la legislación vigente en cada momento, todo para velar por el interés de nuestros Usuarios, dándoles la mayor imagen de garantía y transparencia.


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