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Child Protection

Child protection

We have the responsibility to protect children from all rights violations. That is why we work to ensure that children enjoy a healthy environment that is free of any kind of violence, abuse, exploitation, negligence and discrimination.

Protecting children is a priority

There are more than 2.2 billion children in the world, and 50% of them have experienced some type of violence before their 8th birthday.

Problem issues

What do children say?

✘ Nearly half of the world’s children affirm that they do not feel safe at school.

✘ And 1 in 4 feel that their parents should love them more.

✘ In Spain, 65% believe that violence is a consequence of the cruelty or malice of adults, and 20.3% do not know what to do when faced with situations of violence.

For Educo, it is crucial that we listen to children, so that we understand their perception of violence. They have a lot to say on the subject and if policies or actions aimed at children are to be successful, they must consider and respond to their voices, opinions and expectations.

Small Voices, Big Dreams 2015 is a worldwide survey conducted by ChildFund Alliance, of which Educo is the Spanish representative, aimed at learning children’s opinion and perception of violence. Some 6,000 children in 44 countries have participated in the survey. (See attached report)

Once upon a voice…what children think about violence, is the adaptation of this survey to the Spanish territory. While it presents a snapshot of what children think, in general, it also focuses on a segment of the child population that is particularly exposed to some of the main risk factors for violence due to their personal, family and social context. (See attached report)


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